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This information caters to this specific page and hopefully will help clarify anything that I've done that needs clarification by explaining what each section on this page is individually, as well as going over what I want this page to be as a whole.

Section Descriptions / Page Background

Defining the Different Page Sections:

Introduction: A brief look into what this page is.

Background Info:  You just came from there! The other part of this section concerns basic information about the Dark Kingdom.

Character Shrines:  A summary of the character and his/her exploits in the Sailormoon anime, discussion and insights into the character's personality/motivation, and some of my own opinions -- kept separate from the facts, of course -- about the character.

Other Shrines:  Investigation into finer details surrounding the Dark Kingdom, including analysis of character relationships and setting.

Fanfiction:  Poetry and stories featuring the Dark Kingdom and its characters as written by Gita Toronjil-Lee  (that's me!).  Most (but not all) featuring Kunzite and Zoisite.

Fanart:  Artwork by Gita Toronjil-Lee featuring the Dark Kingdom and its characters, along with some heroes as based on the Sailormoon manga.

Sounds:  WAVs of Dark Kingdom characters speaking.  From  the original anime.

Links:  Links to other Dark Kingdom/Sailormoon pages, along with a few to the webmistress' non-Sailormoon likes.

Disclaimer: What's mine and what isn't.

What kind of page is this?

This page is about exactly what it sounds like. It's about the Dark Kingdom of the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, and my adoration of the denizens thereof.

What denizens?  Well, you know: Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, Queen Beryl, Queen Metallia, Endymion, the youma?

If you don't know... well, if you're curious as to who these characters are, do check out the page, bit by bit.  I'd recommend beginning with the other part of the Background Info page, then going to the character shrines (Shitennou, Queens, and some of the Miscellaneous), and moving on from there.  If you're not curious, and don't really care to find out what I'm talking about... well... goodbye!

Anyway, this page is not about the DiC version of the show/characters -- Sailor Moon's Negaverse -- nor about any other dubbed version. I will avoid these as much as I possibly can.  This page is about the original anime's first season villains, and despite any personal character opinions I may have, I will try my hardest to remain accurate, to do them justice.

This page is not senshi-based (as in, the supposed heroes of the show). The Dark Kingdom is an army, not a navy; except for a few relevant references and some fanart, you won't find sailors here.

This page also has little to do with the Sailormoon manga. It has lovely art and I respect Takeuchi Naoko's work greatly, but in my opinion the Dark Kingdom characters lack a great deal of the development that they gain in the anime, and so I'm not particularly fond of it.  I do have a page discussing the manga characters and some manga-based fanart... but if you're looking for manga fics or a collection of manga images, I think you're on the wrong page.  Also, I don't like Shitennou/Senshi pairings.  I much prefer Kunzite/Zoisite.

Therefore, this page has some yaoi content. Be warned, if such a thing bothers you, that the Dark Kingdom is probably not your cup of tea.  Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is not an anime for homophobes. And I like yaoi. At this point, I don't have anything too graphic, but I am not opposed to the idea.  I'm open-minded about the future.  I have and will continue to try my hardest to label anything questionable as such, but, in general, do keep in mind that the Dark Kingdom is an especially mature group of villains, and I am going to treat a page for them accordingly.

Oh, and before I forget: I'd like to thank Troublemakers and All Things Naughty for the award at the main Background Info page... hey, can't I show off a little?

Likewise, this page celebrated its first birthday on July 5, 2000; as a birthday gift, it received this lovely picture by Pia'Sharn of Moon Shadows, and I'd like to show that off, too, because it's beautiful.  (I linked to it rather than posted it because it's so big! )

All right.  Enough showcasing gifts; back to page information.

I do want to note that this is my personal page.  It is not open to contributions; I'm busy enough as it is to have to deal with the responsibility of the work of others.  Likewise, my work is not available at this time to go on other pages -- my work being the shrines, the fanfics, the fanart, the sounds, and all other text and design.  However, if anyone would like one or two things from the page, I am a rational person; please e-mail me before taking anything and we can discuss it.   Most of the pictures decorating the site are not mine except for those in the "about me" section and the index page; I have, however, edited many of them.  If in doubt, check out my disclaimer, and if that doesn't do it, ask.

However, the page is link-free.  If you'd like to link to me, go right ahead.  I would like to know about it through a guestbook signing or something similar... but that's in no way mandatory.  For further information, please visit my links page.

I also love feedback.  I just thought I'd mention that.

Enjoy the page!


One of my favorite manga pics.

I don't know, Kunzite-sama --

We look awfully cozy here for supposed straight guys. 


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