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by Gita Toronjil-Lee

The best part is hearing him laugh.

That, and the color.

Deep, rich, solid, and dark.


I like it under here.

I used to wonder, once upon a time --

if I poked him, would he flinch?

Can stone flinch?

Can ice?

Under purple, it does.

It's ticklish, believe it or not.

And it's warm.

I press my cheek against the soft, scratchy solid

wrap the purple around me

then let go of it to wrap my arms around his middle.

I slide my fingers up and down his torso.

My fingers are dancing in the light

but I'm giggling in the purple.

And he shakes; he chuckles

I know he likes me under here.

It's intimate,

but not so much that it scares him off.

No soulful looks.

No declarations.

Nothing like that.

But neither is it purely lust.

It's a rare moment of play,

of enjoying ourselves, of having fun.

We don't need anyone or anything else right now.

Only three things are involved here:

my body,

his body,

and purple.


Author's Notes:  If you didn't get it, there's a little "under the cape" action going on in this one. 

And I like this piece, dammit, and I don't really care what anyone else will think of it.  So there.  I'm working on an illustration, too.  It should be cute.

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