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Realization of Destiny

by Gita Toronjil-Lee



All is lost.


I'll be damned before I admit it, though.


How long can this façade continue?


She makes her threats, and one day she will follow through.


I know this.


I need to stop this rotten-luck streak,


but the failure keeps coming.


I will be dead soon.


If you only knew how hard I've worked!


I have nothing else but my task.


And the one thing I have I cannot succeed in.


Am I a useless person?


Am I a fool?


Do I deserve the fate that approaches me?


Am I…wrong… somehow?


I've never thought so.


Just unlucky.


I suppose being first was not a blessing.


I have never been blessed.


I am lost, I am alone, I am cursed.


The one way out for me is to win.


But I'm not blind.


I see the pattern of losses.


I'm not anticipating my victory.


All I have is to try, though,


and try my hardest


I cannot show defeat, for that would be to go down,


falling without a fight.


I have to do my best,


to do what I know I must.


I don't want to be the pathetic one. 


And who knows?


Maybe I'll succeed.  Maybe I'll survive.


There's always a maybe


Though I believe here chances are scarce.


More likely I'm damned,


alone and lost.


But not afraid.


I can only do what I can


with what I have.


Even if all I have is false and tenuous.





Poor, poor Jadeite.  My first attempt at getting into his head, though assuredly not my last.  I think he knew for a while what his fate would be... it can be read on his face at the beginning of his last episode, for sure.  He knew, but he made his last shot a good one...  


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