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Redefine 29


By Gita Toronjil-Lee


Said Kunzite dark to Zoisite fair,

“Look at that girl over there.

Tall and slender, dressed to kill,

dark hair and eyes of steadfast will-"


Snapped Zoisite slight to Kunzite tall,

“I cannot grasp your taste at all.

She is not strong; her curves are strange;

she’ll be grotesque in youma change.”


And then he pulled from Kunzite’s side,

Green eyes slits, no longer wide.

His arms lowered firmly, his body so tense,

his fury displayed to a level immense.


“Shush, my dear,” said Kunzite teasing,

“This look of yours is not quite pleasing.”

The bloom he picked from out of air

went unnoticed by Zoisite’s glare.


“Leave me be,” cut Zoisite mad.

“Forget that you are all I had.

Find your girl, if she’s your heart.

Take my very life apart-”


Murmured Kunzite to Zoisite’s pout,

“How could I ever make you doubt

that anything compares to you?

You ought to know that things I do-”


Away from this turned Zoisite’s face

with expression of indignant grace.

Kunzite, not liking this resistance,

slowly moved to close their distance.


Then Kunzite bent, kissed Zoisite’s ear,

wrapped an arm to pull him near,

offered up the conjured flower,

watched the beauty lose his glower.


A pause was heard; the fair one thought;

his fingers in pink petals caught.

Came forgiving sigh: no words, but bolder;

He leaned his head ‘gainst tall one’s shoulder.


Dark one nodded, let slight one rest,

felt gentle breaths against his chest.

This felt fine; it could be more,

Thus he finished that begun before.


Breathed Kunzite now to Zoisite sated,

“She may be all that I had stated,

but next to you, she’s nothing good.

I thought that much was understood.”


Replied Zoisite, fighting a blush,

“You really make me fret too much.

But,” he cuddled closer to the man,

“for you I will do all I can.”


Tasks forgotten for a brief time,

lost in their victimless crime,

they stood in embrace, inhaling deep

till darkness upon them began to creep.


“I’d better go complete my mission.”

But neither moved from his position.

“That you should; be safe and strong.

…but don’t deprive me of you long.”


So Zoisite took leave of Kunzite here,

far too pleased to feel fear.

A look back: eyes met, hue to hue,

Then he was off after crystal blue.


Author’s Note:  Um.  I was bored. And since I have a hard time with "real" K/Z mush (meaning, directly out of the anime), I had to deal with it by putting it in more acceptable, silly-poem terms. I have no other excuse.


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