Sounds Page Info

I know how it feels to be a Dark Kingdom fan without access to every episode in the original series.  I used to practically drool anytime I found one of those rare clips that gave me a hint of what any of the Shitennou really sounded like.  But there were so few!

So I am setting out to change that.  I want to offer those who have not experienced the real thing (or who have not experienced all of it) a taste of it.  I don't want these to replace buying a fansub, because they're only a glimpse of what it's like; I want them to encourage buying a fansub, or at least being more interested in the anime.

Also, my other motive in creating this section is to clearly demonstrate that this is definitely not a dub page, nor are these dubbed kings.  They're the real thing, baby!

All sounds are recorded by yours truly. Please don't put them on another website… but feel free to link to my page  if you want to direct visitors toward these sounds. I don't think most of the sounds I recorded can be found anywhere else on-line. That's why I recorded them.  And I'd like to keep them unique to this site.  If you'd like to ask about one or two, however, please drop me a line via e-mail so we can discuss things.  Thanks!

Translations are dubious at best… I have to take what the fansub or on-line script tells me, as I have only extremely basic Japanese vocabulary and comprehension.  Also, translations are ©Arctic Animation,  © Studio Chikashitsu,   © Michi No Anime, or ©VKLL, though I touched up a few of them grammatically.  All sounds, being that they're from the anime, are of course © Toei Animation, and the characters are © Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha Comics, and Toei again.  I think.

I realize some of these are lengthy if you're on a slow modem, and for those of you who don't like to wait as long, I'd like to have a section where I can zip these, but... well, that's way down there on my list of priorities.  If anyone would like to assist me with that endeavor... well, you know where to reach me.  It would be appreciated.  But I'm not holding my breath waiting for a volunteer.