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Empty Horoscope

By Gita Toronjil-Lee


“Get away from me!” – he says.

And yet it is he who insists upon

coming back for more.

As though being scorned were his drug.


(it would explain his choice of housemate.)


“You would say such a thing?” – he mocks.

Then he turns to Her with fawning eyes

even falser than mine.

As though he thinks he’s a better liar.


(it would explain his continued appearances here.)


“How cruel you are!” – he gasps.

He can’t understand that I return only

that which he gives out.

As though he weren’t a sinner himself.


(it would explain his fragile emotions.)


“You should be happy now,” – he says.

And through the blood and the shock I almost

believe he believes himself.

As though there could be good in death.


(...I just can’t explain him.)


I really think that part of Nephrite’s psychological makeup is that he believes people can be organized and predicted as well as any heavenly body.  I also think that, since he can’t figure Zoisite out like he can Sirius, he considers him a nonentity – and that’s why he didn’t take him seriously as a threat till it was too late.

And for what it's worth, this piece for me is the equivalent of a doodle in the margins; it was scribbled on the back of some notes for my English class.

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