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The Price To Pay

Interlude One:

Wait in Line

By Gita Toronjil-Lee

Nephrite's house was lovely.

Well, actually, it wasn’t exactly lovely. It was very large, very empty, very old, and quite musty. But it was a home, and it was safe.

Zoisite nuzzled Kunzite's neck and kissed the underside of his chin. "Why did we waste our time in the Kingdom, Kunzite-sama? It's so wonderful to be free."

Closing his eyes peacefully, the taller man murmured, "I don't think it would feel quite so good now if we hadn't."

He wrapped his long arms around Zoisite's back and re-opened his eyes, staring up at the marvelous colors of the almost-cathedral's rose window.

When he glanced down at his slender lover, he noticed that the gray light streaming through was dying Zoisite's blonde hair and tattooing his features in a stained-glass rainbow.

Bending to kiss the small red circle this created just above Zoisite's left ear, Kunzite paused a moment to whisper, "If we could have spent every second of our lives together just like this, though, I don't think I'd have any complaints."


Through the silver glimmering, eyes opened to recognize their consciousness. What to do with it, though, they didn't yet know.

But they had ideas, oh yes.

And they knew that there was still much to be learned and much to do.


It was not happy with what that arrogant white-haired fool had done. It was genuinely enraged, anger coursing through it unlike it had ever experienced, or at least not experienced in a very long time. And it was going to make sure that they knew how mad it was.

Its rules? Hah. Playing by the rules still meant that it could play a dangerous game.

(It wouldn't admit that it was afraid. But the fear made it all the more dangerous)

End interlude one.

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