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In chronological order:

Jadeite and Tuxedo Kamen beginning to fight.
Jadeite after he'd "killed" Tuxedo Kamen.
Nephrite explains the power of the stars.
Sanjouin Masato's tennis lesson.
Zoisite gloating as he watches Nephrite die.
The Kunzite/Zoisite rose scene.
Queen Beryl blasting Zoisite to death.

Jadeite and Tuxedo Kamen beginning to fight:

Jadeite: We meet again, Tuxedo Kamen. You will die also.

Tuxedo Kamen: (you can tell when he starts speaking 'cause his music starts)  Villain who plays tricks on innocent people with your magic, you will pay.

Senshi: Tuxedo Kamen!

Jadeite: Die!

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Jadeite after he'd "killed" Tuxedo Kamen:

Jadeite: [chuckles]  Your only hope, Tuxedo Mask is dead. Cry and scream. Can you not do anything without men? What  silly women.  [laughs]  (Hm... no wonder people think Jeddy's sexist...)

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Nephrite explains the power of the stars:

Nephrite: Fool Jadeite. He used such a silly method, extracting energy indiscriminately.

Beryl: Then, how would you go about it, Nephrite?

Nephrite: I can extract adequate energy from a single human, not masses.  (I'm not quite sure if this is the correct translation...)

Beryl: Is that true?

Nephrite: Humans are all controlled by the movement of the stars, leading different fates.  The same could be said about energy. There is a moment in their lives when their energy reaches its peak. Thus, I will select the prey whose energy level is reaching its peak by reading the stars.  

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Sanjouin Masato's tennis lesson:

Nephrite: Put more weight into the ball.

Rui:  Huh?

Nephrite: Racket?

etc: Sure.

Nephrite: Now, serve.  [Rui serves, Nephrite knocks her to the floor with his return]

Naru:  Rui-neesan!

Nephrite: A fly would land on a serve that slow.

Rui: Who are you?

Nephrite: Sanjouin Masato, a curious coach.  (sure you are, honey.)

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Zoisite gloating as he watches Nephrite die:

Zoisite: [to his youma] Well done.  The kurozuishou is mine.  [to Nephrite]  Aren't you lucky to be able to die with the one you love?  [to youma] Torture him as you please.

Nephrite:  You witch!  (This translation just kills me!)

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The Kunzite/Zoisite rose scene:

Zoisite:  This lady is the next target.  The top student at Azabu Technical institute.

Kunzite:  She's rather attractive.  (oooh, someone's asking for trouble!)

Zoisite:  Kunzite-sama!  That's terrible!  She's just an ugly youma, and you call her attractive?

Kunzite:  Zoisite, jealousy doesn't suit to your beauty.

Zoisite:  I'm not listening.

Kunzite:  Even this rose cannot surpass to your beauty.

Zoisite:  [face lights up, embraces Kunzite] Kunzite sama...  I will get the nijizuishou for you.  (the pushover!)

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Queen Beryl blasting Zoisite to death:   (this is the latter half of the scene)

Beryl: [changing her attention from Kunzite to Zoisite]  Meanwhile, Zoisite.  Are you prepared?

Zoisite:  Please, give me one more chance...

Beryl:  You attempted to kill Tuxedo Kamen against my orders.  

Zoisite [weakly]:  But...

Beryl:  Did you think I would not notice?  [raises hands to strike]

Kunzite [desperately interrupting]:  I am responsible for...  wait!

[Beryl blasts Zoisite]

Zoisite:  [girly scream]  Kunzaito-sama!!

[Kunzite stands there, speechless, gasping]

Beryl:  Dispose of the carcass.  

Kunzite:  Yes.  (somehow this makes me sadder than Zoisite's "real" death scene...)

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Young Hotaru greeting Haruka and Michiru:

Hotaru: [to Haruka] Welcome back!

Haruka: I'm home.


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