November 24, 2001: Everybody!

Er, hi. Yes, my computer has returned to me, all files intact, and for that I am thankful. It's all good now.

And better, actually. During my couple weeks without the internet and all its pretty distractions, what did I have to do? My homework? Heh. Actually, I found myself re-watching some of my ol' season 1 fansubs and re-reading some of my 'fics in progress, and both turned out to be worthwhile activities. The stories I worked on this summer . . . well . . . some of them were not as bad as I thought, and I just may be compelled to finish them over Christmas break. (which starts for me on December 7) And the fansubs helped me remember just why I decided I wanted to contribute to this crazy fandom in the first place. They're really interesting fellows, those DK creatures.

So. I don't have much finished for now, but I do have enthusiasm renewed. And so I have one poem -- my firstever attempt at Nephrite/Naru anything, inspired by watching ep. 24 all the way through for the first time in ages. (well, to be honest, all the way to the end from the part that begins with Zoisite by the "HAPPY" sign, but hey, I made it through Naru-chan's tears, at least!) "The Deserted City Streets," it's called. And it's probably horrible, due to my lack of practice with the characters and overall rustiness in writing-dom, but I'm passably fond of it anyway. I was also planning to include a K/Z poem I started 'round the same time as this one, but (possibly because I'm more used to the characters and am therefore pickier) it's moving much slower, and I left my draft at school over the holiday weekend. So no poetic yaoi smut today. :P

Also of note that I did do, however, is that I titled my previously untitled poem -- "Redefine 29," I'm calling it. I wanted to name it "Reiterate 28," but then I remembered I often mix those two episode numbers up, and, as usual, I had confused myself. Oh well. I also did some work to the fanfiction section, a little reorganization that I'd technically had done since early this summer. Everything's still there, but . . . there are some 'fics that embarrass me more than others, and those humiliating ones have been put out to pasture. So to speak.

There's lots more work I want to do on this page -- first on my list is to redo the links page, and then work on more prose-type fanfiction. Oh, and I have some fun mp3s I want to upload, as soon as I am sure it's okay. There's lots of stuff on my to-do list. The distinction is that I no longer feel I have to do it. It's all for fun, right? Yay!

October 28, 2001: Don't get your hopes up, folks.

I am disgustingly, disgustingly behind in all things I'd intended to do online this summer, from catching up on e-mail (on which I am literally months behind; if you've e-mailed me even semi-recently and I haven't responded, it's not anything personal; I've just been incredibly brain-dead for the past hundred days or so . . . -_-) to fanwork-type-stuff. I did work on some, but it . . . well, I have many things in progress that should be good once they're done, but my writing just didn't feel right to me. I could have finished a few of them just for sake of posting, but . . . if my heart wasn't in it, why should I embarrass myself by posting it for others? I'm hoping that a semester or so of college writing will be able to help me find that spark again.

But that's not going to be for a while. You see, today my beloved laptop, my adored birthday present, decided to apparently overheat and die. Or rather, it's working, but very slowly. I lost my "i" key, and several others are also threatening to remove themselves from their homes. I can't help but blame the external CD burner I bought this weekend which seems to have been poison for my poor innocent machine.

Luckily, my computer has kept working long enough for me to save the majority of my written work (school and webpage and misc), and luckily it's still under warranty, but I figure it's going to be at the doctor's for a while, leaving me in the USC computer lab (or on my parents' computer when I get home, which is what I'm doing now) to do my homework, and leaving me otherwise computer-less and offline. I am not terribly happy right now.

You can still e-mail me or whatever, but chances are now I will end up even more terribly behind schedule than I was before. Or maybe I'll just end up writing in notebooks and drawing more -- who knows? That'd be nice.

Anyway, I'll probably end up posting any further minor developments worthy of posting in my livejournal, and . . . don't worry; I'm not going to let this setback keep me down forever!

June 15, 2001: Well, your humble webmistress here is now a high school graduate. And she's quite excited about it.

And leaving aside the third person for a moment, I do want to note that I have big plans for the summer; I don't have a site overhaul in mind like I did last year, so I'll have more time to put into . . . thoughtful . . . things. Entertaining thoughtful things. I hope.

My first installment to this should be arriving quite soon. However, I've only been out of school one day (well, two, now; it's 1:42 AM), so even the shortfic I've been working on isn't yet wonderful (or completed . . . ) enough to be posted.

For now, though . . . well, if you're looking for something Dark Kingdom related, I have a couple new links. And on the off-chance that you might care about something non-DK but solely reflecting the recent life of yours truly . . . well, I have a few photos, which can be found on my about me section. (Soylent Green, these're 'cause you asked! ^_^) Everyone who cares to look, please be kind. ^^

Don't worry -- next time I update, it will have nothing about me, and everything about the DK. I'm not that conceited! Never fear!

May 25, 2001: Your hopelessly busy webmistress here has not been online nearly as much as she'd have liked to these past few weeks; apparently, "a couple weeks" was a touch conservative. But that will all be over now, I think.

Written during the height of the most stressful time of my academic year -- Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate testing -- I have two rather. . . unusual poems for you. More than likely due to test-anxiety, they aren't terribly serious, and they aren't terribly me, but. . . also perhaps due to the setting under which they were written, I enjoy them.

For the record, I graduate on June thirteenth; after that, I have some decent plans for the summer, including two 'fics that I thought I'd have done earlier but set aside because I'm hoping to make them both something . . . significant. And long. It's been a while since I've done that, ne?

Till next time!

April 2, 2001: As usual, what I have for you today is not what I'd expected to be posting. Life's funny like that, I guess.

I have a new poem... just a little thing I wrote while my mind was wandering not long ago, but heck, I haven't had a poem posted here in a while. It's called "Empty Horoscope".

There is also one new piece of fanart.

And, for what it's worth, I'm taking a couple weeks off-line to sort my life out and help my family move to a new house. I talk about this a bit at my new blog, which, layout- and content-wise, is still in preliminary stages, but why not post a link anyway?

Don't answer that. Anyway, I also added a couple links to the me section, just because.

Thank you, and even though I'm not watching, be good! ^_^

March 21, 2001:  You don't want to hear it. You really don't.

Due to a certain problem that I am aware of but have yet to act upon (and no, it's not the recently-repaired Tripod disaster, which thankfully missed yours truly), some people who are unfamiliar with this page may be checking it out, and I just had to say something to assure them -- and anyone else -- that yes, I still exist, I still care about the page and the DK and all that, and yes, I'm still working on it.

I've had the links and the sounds pages slightly revised and ready to be uploaded since... oh... the first week of January, but I've been trying to do something extra these past three months, and failing miserably, for the most part.

I do have a couple cute new fanart pieces to put up as soon as my art teacher returns my workbook and a new poem to put up as soon as I... well, find it. My family's moving, you see, and everything's a holy mess. -_- If I haven't found the poem before I get my artwork back, those pictures are going up by themselves, so there will be some fanworks soon. Plus, I turned eighteen... hell, nearly a month ago... and with the big day came a new computer as a birthday/future graduation gift. With this far superior piece of machinery (well, sorta), I have discovered a number of structural problems with this page, and I'll be busy fixing those, too. And in the meantime... I know I do this a lot, but I want to thank everyone who keeps coming back for having such patience with me. ^_^ It keeps me tryin', yo.

(oh, and, for what it's worth, since I ran out of space in my former account, I have a new e-mail: kunzgita@hotmail.com. You can reach me there... and while it may take me a few days to respond, I almost always will.)

December 28, 2000:  Please forgive me.  I do intend to increase my frequency of updates, just as I'd said, but November and December are probably the worst months ever to attempt such a thing.  I've not had a very conducive couple months in any respect, let alone, DK-wise; things've been pretty weird.  -_-  But I do see a brighter future... Let's see what the new year's brings, okay?

And today, as a belated holiday gift, I have a new short fanfic, The Searching Compulsion.  I had another one -- a longfic -- scheduled to be posted in its place, but I got stuck on the prologue, of all things.  (It's not fair!)  But I do hope you like this unexpected (on my part!) replacement.

I also have two new pieces of fanart -- one DK, one (an older one redone) senshi.

Finally, I've done some work on the links page: adding, correcting, revising a few, and moving my banners and buttons to another page.  If you'd like to look, I have two new buttons, one of which I'm especially proud of.

So... I shall return!  You see, for a brief period of time, I was so messed up that I forgot that my site needed updating -- the first time since I've had this site, and realizing this mistake was an absolutely terrible feeling.  I don't want to repeat it.

I started this update yesterday, but got kicked offline halfway through.  That sucked.  So anyway, I meant to wish my Sarahchan a happy birthday here on the twenty-seventh... er... better late than never, I always say.

November 2, 2000Being sick is no fun.  Neither is filling out college/scholarship applications (or choosing colleges, for that matter!), and neither is worrying to death about SAT scores.  And yet I've had to face all of the above big-time these past few weeks; that's why I haven't updated lately.  Dammit, it may be an excuse, but it's the truth, too!

So, okay.  Not yet done with the fanwork series I mentioned last update; I want it to be good, you see!  Basically, it's an illustrated poem, and I want it to look really nice, so I've been taking it nice and slow.  You'll be seeing it in a couple weeks, probably.

However, I do have something now!  Finally, a fanfic update!  And this is definitely not the story I'd expected to be posting at this time, but I have so many half-finished ones that I'd thought were going well till they suddenly quit on me that it's not even funny.  Anyway, it's... well, it's a screenplay written for my creative writing class.  But don't worry!  Would I post anything in my fanfics that wouldn't fit the category?  Of course not!  It is, incidentally, in the long stories section; it's longer than anything I've written in a while.

Oh, and one more thing before I scurry off: I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I'm really not happy about the infrequency with which I've been updating.  It's just not fair to the site!  So I've re-worked out my update planning, and, for the time being, I'm going to be posting things as I finish them, making small updates every week-ish, rather than one large update every month or so.  And since I've got a few things just about ready, this declaration is effective immediately, though it is, of course, subject to change whenever I end up having school or life complications... but let's see how it works out, all right?

October 3, 2000:  I'd like to take a moment of silence in memory of my old monitor, which was retired with full honors after it passed away this weekend.

*moment of silence*

Okay.  In my brief monitor-less time, I came up with a brilliant (heh... yeah, right!) idea for a series of fanworks.  So the ones I had planned for this weekend got put on hold for a bit -- I'm so sorry!  Give me a bit or so to get my plans worked out into reality, and I'll have some good stuff for ya, though.

Till then, I have one new link banner, and one piece of fanart.  Yes, it's the chibi one seen on one of my other new banners, blown up to full-size 'cause I liked it more than is healthy.

Okay, so last week's update turned out to be a three-parter.  It only adds to the suspense... right?

September 27, 2000:   Man, for once I'm late on an update and it's not my fault!  Stupid Tripod... but what can you do, right? It's better now, so that's okay.

Anyway, first off, I did want to mention that I haven't been completely inactive here; I've been continually making small alterations to the page whenever I find typos, etc.; I also added a small chunk of text to my Kunzite/Zoisite page that I'd intended to include when I rewrote it but had forgotten.  I've also added the cute little feature that lights up a link when highlighted on many of the pages... apologies to those who can't see it, but that's one of my favorite tricks right now.

I have a fanfic that's almost done, but needs to be touched up.  I should be posting it within the next couple days, but I didn't want to delay this update because of it.  So, aside from what I mentioned already, here's what I do have:

There are several new sounds, most but not all of Kunzite-sama.  I have a new link button-gift which I'm showing off in the links section (^_^), and I also spent a few hours recently screwing around with my ancient paint program and, in doing so, whipped up a couple of banners.  I have a new piece of fanart posted... but it's not even from Sailormoon, let alone DK.  FF7 fans may want to look, though.  Ah, well.  I have some almost-done DK art which should posted when I post my new 'fic.

The "About Me" section is not yet up, though I did include my mooniecode, just for the heck of it.  That section will also soon include a link to the personal page that I am supposed to make for my psychology class; it's not linked now because all I have done is the main page.  That'll probably be up with the other half as well.

So, this update wasn't as large as I thought it'd be.  Call it a two-parter; the second half should be up probably this weekend. Till then -- bye-bye! 

September 24, 2000:  Gack! It cannot have been over a month since my last update. Nuh-uh. I refuse to believe it. Time cannot have moved so quickly.

Okay, I have an update for this page just about ready, but I don't have time to get it all finished and uploaded; I've still got homework to do for this weekend, and I won't be home all evening. But I decided I should probably put in a quick reassurance that yes, I'm still around, and yes, I'm still working on the page. I'll be back either tomorrow or the next day to put up the decent-sized update I have ready. See you!

August 19, 2000:  *grin*  So, what do you think of the page's new look?  (for my first-time visitors... take out the " 's new look" from that phrase.)  Like it?  I really, really hope so.  But folks, next time I mention considering remodeling my page... hit me, okay?  I'm sorry it took so long, but... I didn't realize what I was in for!  On a related note, apologies to the people to whom I owe some sort of correspondence... now that this much is done, I'll work on getting back to you as soon as I can.  ^_^

Okay, enough of that.  Besides the new look on every page and the few new design changes, here are the bigger things that are different.

--  All character shrines have been reviewed and altered to varying degrees.  The Shitennou pages are mostly intact, but a bit more has been added to each of them, and some things have been changed around.  The same goes for the various romance sections, and, to a less dramatic extent, the youma, Dark Kingdom, and Endymion pages.  The Beryl and Metallia shrines have been separated and fleshed out as best I could.

--  There are three new shrines, "Zoisite and Nephrite" and "Inter-DK Relations" under the Relationships heading, and "The Manga Dark Kingdom" under the Miscellaneous heading.

-- Rather than an "about", there is a Background Info section, as well as an Introduction.

-- The links page has been remodeled, and more links have been added.

And... oh, I can't remember everything!  Just check the whole page out, okay?  And have fun!

July 15, 2000: Well, I'm back from vacation, and back to work on the site, feeling strangely revitalized. I'll put up the real update when it's ready; this is just me saying I'm home. And being home is good. ^_^

July 8, 2000: Just wanted to apologize for my mood yesterday; I was pretty damned frustrated with everyting, and, well... I'm feeling better now. More at peace... even if I'm still spazzing out that I'm not old enough to buy the DK yaoi doujinshi on ebay that I want so much (bidding ends tomorrow night (July 9), and if anyone over 18 wants to go to www.ebay.com, look up "sailor moon doujinshi", buy the yaoi anthology, scan it, and show me the scans I'd probably die of happiness... but I'm just mentioning that; I don't think it's gonna happen. Hey, I can dream, can't I? ^_^). So, I'll be back in a week. Bye!

July 7, 2000: It's not worth it. It's just not.

I know what I said. I know I wanted to be finished with my page renovations; I wanted to put something new and beautiful and wonderful up as a lovely parting gift before I abandoned all technology for a week's vacation, I was so sure I could do it.

But I couldn't. Not for lack of trying, but I couldn't. And I'm sorry. I'm feeling utterly worthless and base and pathetic and I'm even crying a little right now, and that's a terrible way to be beginning a vacation, with a deep-seated remorseful ache burning through my chest. But I'm tired, I'm not going to put myself through that kind of stress right now, and it's not worth it.

I'll be back shortly, hopefully a lot more relaxed than I am now. I'll see you then.

July 5, 2000:  Just wanted to wish my page a happy birthday, and to let it know that it's getting its face lift soon -- before I leave for vacation on Sunday, certainly.

Hoo, boy.  And look at this -- the site got a birthday present!  Check it out!  I was in a disbelief that bordered on shock, I tell ya.   Thank you, Pia'Sharn!  It's beautiful!

That's it for now.

June 27, 2000:  Okay, okay, it's summer!  Yeah!

...I've been working so hard, people, you have no idea.  I think my brain's about ready to fall out.  I'm hoping that the next time I do a big update, I'll have a whole new look to the page, along with revised character shrines, a couple new info/shrine pages, a new links page, a new about me page... and perhaps a few new fanworks thrown in for fun.  I've got big plans.  See, basically, this page, my baby, is just about a year old, and it's ready to grow up a little.  But don't worry!  I won't be taking anything down; I'll just be improving it.  So that's what I'm working on this summer.  Among other things.

Today, though, I have nothing that drastic; however, it's still pretty nice.  How do a new fanfic and three new pieces of fanart sound?  Good?  I hope so.  I also moved all the sounds from my brother's space to my own, being that tripod increased its space allotment enough that I can keep all my work on one page.  That's been an enormous relief.  Oh...  And, if you didn't notice on the main page, there's now a Toronjil in my surname.  Because it looks cool, and because there are so damned many Lees out there that it makes me either sick or embarrassed, but I really don't want to go from a complete break in handle.  So I spiced it up a little, and I like it lots more.

So.  Anyway.  It's back to work I go.

Also... look, look!  I got an award!  I've never gotten an award before (of course, I haven't ever applied for one, which may account for that...), and I'm really excited about it.  I'll have to figure out a way to display it on my new page layout.  Thank you so much, Emrys!!  *dances*

My award!

June 2, 2000:  I hate anti-updates like the ones I did on the twenty-seventh, and I didn't want to leave y'all hanging with nothing till summer, so I managed to come up with one pretty new piece of fanart for the page to ease my conscience.  (I also removed one piece... but it'll be back and better really soon!)  So now I can't feel guilty about not adding anything to the page since the end of April.  :P 

And... hey, I'm excited about this.  From my wonderful Sarah-chan, to whom I am extraordinarily grateful,  I received a link button for this site!  Wai!  Check it out -- isn't it awesome? Don't even try to tell me Zoi's eyes aren't a huge turn-on. ^_^  And if any of you want to use it to link to me, I certainly wouldn't mind one bit.

In Metallia's Name

Catch you on the flip side!  (Of summer, that is.  Two weeks left of school!  Look out, updates, here I come!)

May 27, 2000:  (a few hours later)  Oh, well now virtualave realized that some of that space was in use, so the sounds page is back up.  I'm relieved.  But I'm still planning on moving it in the near future.  </badmood>

May 27, 2000:  Damn, damn, damn!  I have just been informed by my brother, whose webspace I've been using for my sounds page, that his website has been removed due to lack of use.  Basically, he started it, then forgot about it, so virtualave removed it -- his "index" page hadn't been touched for months.  And with it went my sounds page.  :(

I'm currently busy out of my mind, though, and I don't have the time and energy to get the entire section moved.  But.  I'll be out of school in three weeks, and the last week of those three really doesn't even count (finals -- what a waste of time!  Plus, I've taken most of 'em already...), so I'll have the section restored soon, as well as a whole bunch of other things fixed and improved at the ol' page.  (gack!  I thought I was being sarcastic there, but I just realized that the page is almost a year old!  How did that happen???)  Anyway, I've got plenty of plans for summer... just give me a week or two to finish up the school year, and we'll be in business.  Till then, ne?

April 24, 2000:  Um... it's been far too long since an update, I know, but I'm going to make up for it now by making many much-needed changes and additions to the site.  This is including this shortened updates page, but that doesn't really count.  Here are the important things I've done:

Firstly:  In the fanfics section, I've added Chapter XI (which appeared when I re-wrote the ending), the epilogue, and an updated author's notes to "The Price To Pay".  At long last.

Secondly:  You'll find the return of the fanart section, with all new pictures, also at long last.

Thirdly:  There's one (non-DK, but very adorable) addition to the sounds section.

Fourthly:  (and I'm not quite sure if "fourthly" is a word...) I've written a disclaimer.  It's not much fun, but it needed to be done.

Fifthly:  (okay, now the counting's just getting ridiculous.)  I added a link to my favorite fansubber in the "links" page.  I've now seen all I plan on seeing of the first season.  Yay!

Sixthly:  (this is the last one, I promise!)  I changed the "Thought for the Moment" for the time being and did a little work on the front page.  Oh, oh!  And the very last picture in my Kunzite and Zoisite shrine has been replaced with another doujinshi scan that I like better.  If ya wanna get really technical with what I've done.

A-ha!  There you go.  Finally, a reprieve from all the tiny updates, and some loose ends tied up.  Good?  I hope so.  Thank me at ninja_accountant@usa.net if you're so inclined, or sign the guestbook.  I really appreciate those things.  And for those of you who have said something nice to me in the past, ever, I adore you all.   Have a nice day.  ^_^

Updates:  July 5, 1999 -- March 7, 2000

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