Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha Comics, and Toei Animation.  All characters and situations from either the manga or the anime which I choose to discuss technically belong to them.  The English language version of the first season of the show Sailor Moon is copyrighted by DiC, and anything I may possibly use from there (however unlikely) is its property.

The majority of the screenshots used on this site came from Stayka's Dark Kingdom HomeThe ones that did not... well, I can't remember offhandedly where they came from, but if anyone out there sees that I've used his/her picture and would like credit, he or she can feel free to let me know.  I do know that the images on the index page initially came from a screenshot from Ice and Fire; however, I did a lot of changing to it, and I'd really appreciate if the resulting images weren't taken without asking.  The manga scans came, I believe, from darkkingdom.com and Wax & Wane (save for the one I made myself!); the one doujinshi scan I have came from Ai no Kuusou.

All copyrights to my sounds and translations can be found on my sounds page.  All links are property of their owners/creators/designers/whatevers.

That much being said:

Everything else on this page belongs to me.  This includes all prose, fanfiction and otherwise, all art, (except the poses designated!).  All opinions and commentary.  The images on the index.  The general layout.  The titles.


If you're absolutely desperate to have something of mine, especially any of the fanworks, please, please ask. 


Why do I bother doing this?  Well, everyone knows that copyrights mean absolutely nothing on-line; there's nothing I can do to stop anyone from plagiarizing or stealing things I've done, but it never hurts to cover myself a little more and to make my intentions just a little clearer.  I'm a unique person (aren't we all?), and I'd like my page and my work to reflect that.  ^_^   I don't like copying or taking things without permission -- I can forgive a few subliminal acts of mimicry (I'm sure I've done those myself!), but for the most part, I'm a firm believer in individuality, and I'd appreciate if others let me keep that belief when it comes to my work.  And I'll reciprocate by behaving that way as well.

Thank you!


Jadeite has pretty eyes.

Don't even try it.

I see everything.


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