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Unless noted, all work here was done by Gita Toronjil-Lee, and may be deleted at any time depending on her mood.  ^_^

Dark Kingdom Fanart:

new!  Zoisite and Kunzite:  Before you look at this picture and get weirded out, you should know that this is a preliminary sketch for a project I started after studying artist/character designer Amano Yoshitaka (whose work, incidentally, I used to detest!).

Kunzite and Zoisite.  Eee!  This quasi-chibi picture was done in scented marker while I was babysitting, and, for some strange reason, I decided it was so darn cute that it's not only here but on my link button.  *giggle*

The Shitennou This is the famous group pic from ep. 44 (the one where they're not dying!). Done in pen and ink with a lot of different techniques, this picture scanned pretty badly (grr...), but it's still mildly okay. 

Kunzite and ZoisiteUm... in marker.  I don't use markers very well, but I kind of like the way this one turned out. As usual, Zoisite turned out better than Kunzite did. Kunzite's a bit too brown here... you shouldn't leave me alone with dark markers, really.

Zoisite.   On my previous fanart section I had a picture of him in this same pose, but I daresay that this is a vast improvement over the old one -- though certainly not perfected (yet!).  In watercolor.

Kunzite, with his back to us, eyes closed.  Modeled somewhat after a doujinshi, I suppose.  In pencil.

Zoisite In colored pencil.  I was trying to get an impressionistic look, I suppose, but the color variations didn't show up as well scanned. :(  Maybe I'll try later.  But isn't he such a cute gymnast?

Zoisite and KunziteStanding.   In pen and ink.  Looking bored.  I don't know why.  I also don't like Kunzite's face here, but, being that I had no model and I was still learning the medium, I'm not too angry about that.

  Metallia Battling Sailormoon:  My first attempt at drawing a picture in oil pastels... the reason it's been electronically smeared is that it was originally on two different workbook pages, and I was trying to hide the crease.  Sorry 'bout the funky look...

Nephrite's SymbolMy glass-etching project in art.  I'm so Shitennou-obsessed that I'm ashamed of myself sometimes.

JadeiteA rare doodle (I was supposed to be taking notes...) of his profile.  It's been greatly enlarged and sharpened to be visible.

Any Other Characters:

Eternal SailormoonThis was my final in the pen-and-ink medium for art class, modeled after a Takeuchi Naoko artbook watercolor.  As such, it probably is the best done picture here (it's stippled!), despite that I greatly reduced its size to fit the screen.

Bishoujo Senshi SailorvenusModeled after a manga picture, done while I was practicing the pen-and-ink method.

Tuxedo KamenSame story as above.  I don't like his neck -- but hey, practice is supposed to be a learning experience.

SailorsaturnModeled after a Takeuchi Naoko artbook watercolor, this was my colored pencil final. I got a good grade on it. ^_^

Sailorstarmaker.  This was a picture that was part of my original fanart collection from way-back-when.  I stumbled across her under my bed, and since she is one of my favorite senshi and I didn't hate the old picture too much, I decided to paint her.

SephirothThe reason the title of this section no longer says "Any Other Sailormoon Characters".  Modeled after a statuette, drawn in pencil. 


Any comments are very, very appreciated.  I've only been studying art for a year, and my self-confidence needs all the building it can get.  Thank you!

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