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Love Game
Posted October 23, 1999

A Zoisite's-view poem --  about Kunzite, about himself, and about how they behave together.


Identity Crisis
Posted August 31, 1999

Something I can't believe what my inspiration tells me to do -- this is an Endymion poem, of all things.


Empty Horoscope
Posted April 2, 2001

Nephrite, describing at different parts through the series the arch-rival whom he doesn't consider as such.


Redefine 29

Posted May 25, 2001

Hallmark greeting cards, a shounen-ai Dr. Seuss, or something else definitely unlike the usual me rewrites the infamous rose scene.


Oh Jadeite?

Posted May 25, 2001

On Jadeite's love life (or probable lack thereof).


The Deserted City Streets

Posted November 24, 2001

Episode 24 . . . what happened to Nephrite? (and I don't mean the big thorn.)



  Invincible and Fearless Warriors
Posted December 20, 1999

In a bar, the night before a crucial day of 1000 years ago... about the unsettling nature of the quiet before a storm.


At the Day's End
Posted August 31, 1999

A short little story taking place after episode #31. That's the one with the kitties, you know.


Offstage Preparation
Posted September 11, 1999

A little interlude during episode # 19, looking into the mind of the king who starred in this one: Nephrite.


Green Eyes In The Dark
Posted March 7, 2000

A contemplative story set just a teensy bit before ep. # 28 (the one with the artist nijizuishou carrier).


Rational Thought
Posted June 27, 2000

This begins the night before # 33 (when Sailorvenus arrives). I should note that it's a bit lime-ish...


The Searching Compulsion
Posted December 28, 2000

 I just don't know what this one's about.  If you don't mind that it's definitely citrus, do look for yourself, okay?


Dura la Culpa -- new!
Posted January 2, 2002

 My return to DK prose after a year's sabbatical, and a return to my roots as a DK writer. It's about Kunzite, Zoisite, and forgiveness.


Can't Take It Anymore
Posted July 5, 1999

Supposedly, this story has made some readers cry... yes, I was hurting when I wrote this longer K/Z story over two years ago.  Take that as you will.


It's Not Always Easy
Posted November 2, 2000

This was a script for my creative writing class senior year, written while I was facing some pretty heavy writer's block.  I (thinly) took out all DK references when I turned it in, but I thought that I might as well post the original version here, 'cause it was kind of fun.


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