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This is a villain page.

Some people don't like villains.

Some people believe that the bad guys are only just that -- bad.  They believe that villains only do nasty stuff and go against the hero's cause; therefore, they have no redeeming features, and it's good when they die.  Some people believe that's all bad guys are good for.

And sometimes that's true.

But not here.


This is a Sailormoon page

Some people don't like Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.

Some people think that Sailormoon is an anime for very young girls.  They see it as repetitive, badly animated, inane.  It has stupid heroes, stupid villains, stupid side-characters, stupid storylines.  Some people think that it's completely unworthy of its hype.

And maybe that's true.

But I don't think so.


This is a Dark Kingdom page

Some people don't like the Dark Kingdom.

Some people say that the Dark Kingdom is pointless, dull.  They consider it made up of flat, boring, arrogant but personality-less characters, caught in stereotypes and misinterpretation.  Some people say that they're sub-standard, even for villains.

Is this true?

Check out the page and think for yourself.



Kunzite says,

And you just might like what you find.


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