April 9, 2002: No real update, sorry. Nothing good, that is. Since Tripod is being a pain and cutting back its space allotment from 50 to 20 megabytes, I'm afraid I had to cut some things. Currently the fanart section is completely down (okay, so I was thinking about doing that anyway . . . although now that I've some objective time to analyze them, I realize that some of those pictures weren't as bad as I thought -- and some of 'em weren't as good, but hell. :P Also, I cut the non-DK sounds in the sounds archive, and took out the two non-explicitly-DK mp3s I posted last month (sorry! If anyone still wants the Nanba Keiichi and Onosaka Masaya songs, please write!), which puts me just about at the right amount of space. Still, looks like I'll be having to go somewhere else anyway if/when I decide to make a collective. I feel like pouting now.

March 19, 2002: First, I think I might finally have the links page under control again. Gosh, did it have problems; I'm embarrassed I didn't notice! Yeah, so I fixed some stuff, weeded out some dead links, stuck some new ones up, and I'm sure I'm still forgetting some I wanted to include, but . . . for the time being, it's much better, I think.

And now, if you don't want to hear some long site-related Gitababble, but if you DO want to get your hands on one of my favorite mp3s, please scroll down to the links below. If you actually want to know what's been up with me, feel free to read on. Thanks! ^_^ And now, the news.

Okay, so I lied in my last update about fixing the mistakes I made right up.

It's just that recently after I updated, I started rethinking some things, looking some other directions, and somehow . . . well, it left me a teensy bit annoyed with the Dark Kingdom and its characters. Didn't want to think about them, didn't want to obsess over them, barely wanted to look at them -- not to the point of taking the big wallscroll off my dorm wall, but to the point of sticking my tongue at it when I spent time looking at it.

Do note: this is NOT a resignation! I don't intend to give my boys in grey (dark blue? purple?) up quite yet. I still have several half-finished fanfics that I refuse to let die, and my long mangafic that I keep re-plotting, and the world's most terrible crossover pairing. And I still need to fix up a bunch of my html, and . . . dammit, I wanna do a seiyuu page.

However, I don't think that's gonna happen right now. I need to get over this animosity towards the DK kids for being such jerks -- not that it's their fault, mind you, but . . . sometimes one DOES want to see her favorite characters in a more positive (canonical) light, you know? -- and for not cutting their hair. Yes, I'm feuding with long-haired bishounen right now. Don't ask me why; I'm sure I'll get over it (there are too many wonderful boys who apparently are afraid of the barber out there!), but for now, it's just one more thing about the Shitennou that makes my skin crawl. (c'mon, Zoisite, you might actually look half-male if you cut your hair like Jadeite . . . hell, you probably would resemble Jadeite, but still, think about it, could anyone get away with dubbing Jeddy as female? I thought not.)

Anyway, I do have a point, somewhere . . . oh, right. I need to get over my temporary disillusionment with the Kingdom, I need to maybe work these couple of other websites I've been meditating on (and the fanfics that go with them) out first, and I need to get through this semester in college before anything real will be happening here. I hope you noticed the change of http://chinilpa.tripod.com to the beginning of a site collective . . . I'm not sure quite why I did that, aside from the aforementioned possibility future other websites, but I've been meaning to do so for a long time. Go figure. Maybe I just wanted a URL that had at least a little bit to do with the site. Hey, don't blame me -- I had no idea what I was doing when I first signed up for a page! (yeah, yeah, I know, who else COULD you blame . . . ah, well.)

OH! Before I forget, I want to send big apologies to anyone who's mailed me within the past . . . hell, six months or so. Chances are, I haven't returned it. It's no personal insult! I don't know what's been with me, but . . . I don't know, I've had no motivation to send anyone anything. Something about starting college has made me want to curl up into my shell and vanish from existence . . . which I'm sure is another big reason why updating is not one of my priorities right now. ^^;;;;) I am SO sorry to seem so rude; I really appreciate hearing from people!

And, related to that: if you have asked me within the past year or so about using one of my fanfics on your page, I think I'm going to start loosening my policy on that. I still am not exactly happy with the 'fics, and I do think many need serious fix-ups, but if any of you want to use something, drop me a(nother ^^;;;;) line, if you want, and I'll see what I can do. (oh, and that also goes for fanart, but there's a greater chance I'll still refuse that, as I think a good chunk of that is garbage I'd rather not have spread. Urk.)

(yeah, as if anyone's still interested. :P)

Anyway, I promised a soundclip, so here you go: Zoi Saito to Kunz Aito no Dark Best Ten. I have a small wav clip of this on the front page; this is the full thing. And it's funny, even if you can't understand it. (well, it was to me for a long time, at any rate.)

I think that's all I've got to say for now. Finally, yeah, I know. Well, it's back to the college thing, now, I guess. Fight on!

January 2, 2002: New year, new updates page! Good planning, don't you think? (< sweatdrop >)

Well, aside from the new updates page, I've still ideas that I haven't yet gotten around to. Did I think I lacked motivation before I started college? Tee hee.

Seriously, though, lately I've been re-thinking my to-do list for this page, and I've come to realize that I work so erratically that it's worthless to feel guilty about what I have and haven't fixed/updated/added/whatever. Things will happen . . . well, as they happen, I guess.

And what's happening now is that I have a new short story: "Dura la Culpa." It doesn't exactly break any new ground in the DK world, but I hope it will act as a babystep to help me get back into the swing of fanfiction. And not just DK; I think maybe part of why I've been so unproductive is that I've been trying to force myself to write the Shitennou when I have other characters who want me to write for them as well. It only stunts me in both areas, and doesn't do either side justice. When I write, whomever I am writing for, I want to give my full attention. I'm hoping to come to terms with that in this next new year.

But I'm not sure. We'll see.

I've also created a few new link banners and buttons with which to link here, not because I particularly intend them to be used frequently, but because it's fun. ^_^ Hell, I created them this summer, before school was out -- how's that for delayed? (that's also when I started writing the 'fic I'm posting today, too. Eeep!) Told you I'm erratic.

Right! Happy new year, all -- I'll be in touch!


Postscript: I just noticed that I somehow uploaded an old hybrid links page when I meant to just fix up a couple links. (I didn't look at the page close enough to realize that I wasn't working with the newest version! I'd forgotten to save my changes to my machine after dinking around with the html on Tripod proper. Urk.) So although I repaired/pulled a couple links which were dead before, in my rush to complete this update (and thinking with such good cheer that I'd finished!) I also uploaded a version without some very good pages which I'd added over the last year or so. I'm terribly sorry about that, and I'll fix it as soon as possible. Later tonight, hopefully. (damn, do I feel brilliant. -_-)

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