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Dark Kingdom Links

The Scrumdiddlyumptious Dark Kingdom LOVE Revival
Quite simply, the most quality Dark Kingdom fanwork archive out there, as long as you can handle some adult themes.

This's Nothing
A webpage (that exists!) named for a Zoisite line, with exceptionally good, eloquent, distinctive DK and other fanfiction.

The Library
Home of the some of the most addictive in first-season SM villain fanfic sagadom -- heck, in fanfiction in general!

Stayka's Dark Kingdom Home
A classic DK resource, this site still has many excellent fics, art, links, info, and screenshots.

Yamikoso Utsukushii: An Analysis of the Dark Kingdom
It has a name; now all the reconstruction needed is to bring the page back

Green in Grey/ A Shrine to Zoisite
A beautiful shrine, for a beautiful king. (for another site by the same author, see Moon Shadows below)

Moonless Night
Once DK-only, this page is now expanding to encompass all BSSM villainy.

Nephrite and Naru's Place
A really great site that ensures that one canon m/f romance won't get lost amid a sea of yaoi.

Chaotic Space
This still-growing page is impossibly cute, and has some neat translations and shrines you can't find elsewhere!

King of Illusion
At long last, a good, comprehensive Jadeite shrine! Astonishingly good. And mirrored in Swedish!

Sic itur ad astra /a shrine to Zoisite and the Shitennou
An extremely elegant shrine that I am quite fond of. And not only for the Italian-dub DK sounds -- though I like those, too!

Dies, Nox Et Omnia
If the watercolor-washed look isn't enough to make you enjoy the site, spend time with the content; that should do it.
Has a great manga gallery and fun Shitennou-related games; also features promising shrines and fanworks sections.

Moon Shadows
Though it's still in the process of being finished, I like this site very much.

Zoisite's Cherry Blossom Fanfic Archive
Adorable layout and theme . . . I dunno, I like it.

Kawaii Chiisana Taisho Minarai
Er, I'm not sure if this is really DK, but I couldn't resist such a thorough site for a fan-character.

Other Sailormoon/Anime/Yaoi/Good Links

The Bakery
Excellent fanfiction, mostly Black Moon based and containing some of the best fan-invented characters you'll ever read.

DS822 -- Ravenwood's Anime Home Page
A colelctive for some of the most intelligent thoughts I've ever read online concerning various series and fanfiction as a whole.

Wax & Wane
Very nice, extensive gallery of Sailormoon manga villains.

Pocket Bishónen
This is such a fun site!  Catch your favorite bishounen, Pokémon style!

Glass Rose Distribution
I'm a big fan of Sailormoon fansubs, and this is the best place I've ever seen to buy 'em.

Anime/Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Ganymede
A variety of very interesting topics, here, including humor, fanart, seiyuu, and that kind of good stuff.

The Yaoi Shrine
Droolworthy scans like you wouldn't believe, except that I'm sure every yaoi fan has already been there and DOES believe.

Kizuna, by Kodaka Kazuma
The tranlsations that sparked my current biggest addiction. I'm a bit behind the times, but I don't care.

Yes, I still go here every day. I've been reading the Q&A since it started. Yeep.

Boy Meets Boy
The webcomic I read every day. Friggin' brilliantly done -- art, characters, storyline, humor, you name it.

8-Bit Theater
The webcomic I read when it updates. Cracks me up. Wai swordchucks!

point D A grouping of Sailormoon villain links.


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