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Some Background Info:

I know how it feels to be a Dark Kingdom fan without access to every episode in the original series.  I used to practically drool anytime I found one of those rare clips that gave me a hint of what any of the Shitennou really sounded like.  But there were so few!

So I am setting out to change that.  I want to offer those who have not experienced the real thing (or who have not experienced all of it) a taste of it.  I don't want these to replace buying a fansub, because soundclips are only a part of the whole picture; I want these clips to encourage listeners to buy a fansub, or at least to be more interested in the anime.

Also, my other motive in creating this section is to clearly demonstrate that this is definitely not a dub page, nor are these dubbed kings.  They're the real thing, baby!

All sounds are recorded by yours truly. Please don't put them on another website… but feel free to link to my page  if you want to direct visitors toward these sounds. I don't think most of the sounds I recorded can be found anywhere else on-line. That's why I recorded them.  And I'd like to keep them unique to this site.  If you'd like to ask about one or two, however, please drop me a line via e-mail so we can discuss things.  Thanks!

Translations are dubious at best… I have to take what the fansub or on-line script tells me, as I have only extremely basic Japanese vocabulary and comprehension.  Also, translations are ©Arctic Animation,  © Studio Chikashitsu,   © Michi No Anime, or ©VKLL, though I touched up a few of them grammatically.  All sounds, being that they're from the anime, are of course © Toei Animation, and the characters are © Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha Comics, and Toei again.  I think.

And now, ladies, gents, and those yet undecided or in transition… clean out your ears and prepare for an auditory treat!

Firstly, say hello and introduce yourselves, guys!

We're the Shitennou!, Nanba Keiichi, Zoisite's voice actor (not Zoisite himself), announces one of the coolest things I've ever heard.

I am Jadeite, ep. 13.  I don't have his first intro yet, but this is more or less the same thing.  Over the city of Tokyo.

 I am one of the Dark Kingdom Shitennou, Nephrite!, ep. 19, as he takes off the Tuxedo Kamen mask.

One of the Dark Kingdom Shitennou, Zoisite, ep. 25, as he floats into the air before disappearing.

I am one of the Dark Kingdom Shitennou, Kunzite, ep. 33, looking down from the rooftop.

I am a commander of the Dark Kingdom, Endymion, though he doesn't belong, ep. 36, anyway.

new! Zoi Saito to Kunz Aito no Dark Best Ten! The opening of the coolest clip in the second BSSM stereo drama. Here's Kunz and Zoi introducing their radio show!

And just listen to those drama kings:

Jadeite's evil chuckle, ep. 13, as he appears over the city.

Nephrite's maniacal laughter, ep. 19, after declaring his plans to Beryl and Zoisite.

Zoisite's smug chortle, ep. 34, after Tux lays down the nijizuishou. 

Kunzite's haughty laugh, ep. 33, as he jumps down from the rooftop. 

Note:  These are not their typical laughs. Usually, all of them are MUCH more subtle.  These are the funny exceptions.

Now, for some interesting, somewhat-long scenes: (click here for the translations)

Jadeite and Tuxedo Kamen beginning to fight, ep. 13  

Jadeite after he'd "killed" Tuxedo Kamen, ep. 13  

Nephrite explains the power of the stars, ep. 14  

Sanjouin Masato's tennis lesson, ep. 14 

Zoisite gloating as he watches Nephrite die, ep. 24 

The Kunzite/Zoisite rose scene, ep. 29

Queen Beryl blasting Zoisite to death, ep. 35 

Young Hotaru greeting Haruka and Michiru, ep. 168

And now some shorter lines, some famous, some just 'cause I like them:

"Qu- Queen Beryl-sama!  Aaaaugh!" -- Jadeite, ep. 13, as he gets iced.  His scream is so funny!  

"Useless Jadeite.  Let me handle the matter." -- Nephrite, in his first appearance, ep.13, after Beryl puts him in charge.

"The power of the stars rules everything" -- Nephrite, silly!  This specific one's from ep. 14. 

"Energy peak!" -- Nephrite again, and again from ep. 14, though he does this also in many episodes. 

"I think you're the cutest girl at Juuban Jr. High" -- Nephrite, to Naru-chan, being suave, ep. 19 

"Ne~furaito!" -- Zoisite, dismayed, as Nephrite comes in to take over his job, ep. 22.  I love the voice waver.

"Starlight... Attack!" -- Nephrite, being cool and English-speaking, ep. 23 

"My goodness, what a silly man.  He fell in love with a human female?" -- Zoisite, about Nephrite, ep. 24.  I laugh. 

"But your love has awakened me" -- Nephrite, ep. 24.  He's lying, of course, but it's still sweet. 

"But you're lying for kindness now" -- Naru-chan, to Nephrite, ep. 24.  So cute.  Pity what happens... 

"The human energy has awakened me from my long sleep." -- Metallia, ep. 25, in her (its?) first line. 

"Those seven fragments are called... nijizuishou." -- Beryl, ep, 25, introducing the next plot point. 

"Nijizuishou..."  -- Kunzite, echoing as he's prone to do, ep. 25. 

"Zoi!" -- Zoisite, obviously, to find the nijizuishou carrier, ep. 25 

"There he/she/it is..." -- Zoisite says this a lot.  A lot.  This particular one's about the first nijizuishou carrier, ep. 25 

"How dare you damage my beautiful face?" -- Zoisite, ep. 25, after being punched by Mako-chan. 

"I am a champion!  Lovely punch!" -- the hilarious quasi-English speaking youma Boxy, ep. 26 

One of Zoisite's pointless noises of thought/emotion  And another   And another  And another...  

And another    And another, this one attacking with his blade  Zoi rarely speaks in words, y'see.

"I've been waiting for you, boy [blows kiss]" -- Zoisite flirting with Urawa, ep. 27 

"That's why I hate all non-human youma." -- Zoisite, holding his nose, ep. 31.  Then he slips into the sewer gunk. 

"Well, well, well, well!" -- Zoisite demanding Sailormoon's nijizuishou, ep. 32 

"Tuxedo Kamen!  Have a look!  The Sailorsenshi will die!" -- Zoisite, ep. 33 

"Queen Beryl-sama!" -- Kunzite, ep. 33, when she appears overhead to call them back. 

"I hereby receive the nijizuishou" -- Kunzite, ep. 34  

"I hope you will savor the terror..." -- Zoisite, being a good villain, ep. 34.  The echo effect should be there. 

"Ku!" -- Kunzite.  He uses this to attack often -- this one in ep. 35.  Zoi's not the only one to use his name to fight. 

"This is for Zoisite."  -- Kunzite, ep. 35.  That boy has a very strange way of showing grief, I tell ya.

"Roses have thorns.  Even a red rose may turn black with a gust of wind."  -- Endymion, ep. 36  I like this line a lot. 

"It appears the brainwashing has been quite effective" -- Kunzite, about Endymion, ep. 36.

"Mamoru?  Somebody called me by that name before.  But you're wrong." -- Endymion, ep. 41.  Okay, I'll admit it; I kind of like Endymion...

"Youma Oniwabandana, where are you?" -- Kunzite, ep. 43.  She responds with her trademark "Ban-ban".

"I suppose it's my turn to be on stage now."  -- Kunzite, ep. 43.

"Fools.  I saw through your monkey mime show some time ago."  -- Kunzite, ep. 43.  Monkey mime show?  It may be culturally Japanese... but it still sounds funny hearing this guy say it.  That's Usagi in the background.

"I am one of the Dark Kingdom Shitennou Kunzite!  I will not say 'refresh' at your bidding!" -- Kunzite, ep. 44.  Another of my very favorite Kunz lines.

"The Princess' head.  Remove it!"  -- Beryl, ep. 46.  Scary!

Well,  I hope you enjoyed the sounds!

You can always reach me at kunzgita@hotmail.com if you need anything from me.  


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